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Hello everyone. Welcome to this section
of my I Dream of Jeannie website. I am 
a little iffie on doing this part myself
but I thought it would be nice to share
some info with you. My name is James
DeBie. I am the webmaster of this site.
I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta.
I did a lot of this site in Sarnia,
Ontario, though. I had a lot of help
at first from someone in Sarnia. His
name is Jeff Lacroix. You may have heard
this name out there because he has a
lot of sites. He is a busy body with
computers and I truly appreciate all
his help. Thanks Jeff.
Now let's see. I have been a huge Barbara Eden fan for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to her in the 70's by my brothers. Although I was not around for the show when it was originally on, I have watched the re-runs religiously. I have all the episodes on tape, along with an extensive collection of her movies. I have always been amazed with her beauty and her acting abilities. Barbara is truly one of the most gifted actress' ever. Along with Barbara Eden material, there are some other shows that I have taken to, as well. I am a big fan of Gilligan's Island, Bewitched, Spiderman and Godzilla movies. I hope to make sites for these shows as well someday, but only time will tell. In general I am a fan of older television. The ideas were fresh in the sixties and seventies. Today's shows are just carbon copies of the old shows.

Now, you are probably wondering why I decided to combine I Dream of Jeannie and Barbara's other work into one site. It is quite simple actually. I didn't feel it was fair to just emphasize on just one or the other. All of her work deserves to be mentioned. With her pre-Jeannie movies and appearances, I Dream of Jeannie, and her post-Jeannie movies and appearances, she has had a amazing career. I wanted eveyone to know how amazing she truly is.

For a little personal information, I am twenty-six. Being canadian, I am a huge hockey fanatic. I also enjoy a lot of other sports as well. I have only been into computers for a short time. My friend Jeff Lacroix, helped me get started. He showed me a lot of things and like I said, helped me with this site at first. My future goals are simple. I hope to meet Barbara, Larry and Bill someday. That would be a true treat for me. I work for a DJ company and hope to have my own eventually. That is about it, so enjoy and come check my site out here and there. I will always try to update it when I can. THANKS

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