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This section is dedicated to all you die-hard jeannie fans. Do you think you know your stuff. Try your luck with these questions. You can e-mail your answers to me through my front page. Who ever can get them all right, will be acknowledged. GIVE IT A SHOT! GOOD LUCK!

1. What city is Tony's mother from?

2. What other show was Tony Nelson's kitchen used in?

3. Does the Bellow's house look familiar? It should. What other show was it used in?

4. Who was Tony's great, great, great, great grandmother?

5. What was Tony's fiancee's name?

6. When was Jeannie born?(year and date)

7. What is so special about jeannie's blood?

8. When Tony agreed to marry Jeannie because she would loose her powers, why did he change his mind?

9. Who was Roger's friend from grammar school, who owns a model agency?

10. Why did Jeannie want to kill Tony in the one episode?

There you go everyone. If you are a loyal fan these questions should be no problem. If not, look it up. Check some episodes. Once again, who ever can get all ten will be properly acknowledged. My e-mail is GOOD LUCK!

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