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I have been travelling through the net and I have seen some very disturbing things lately. Other websites are using details from other sites that should not be taken. Now, I can understand wanting to make a quality site, especially when it comes to jeannie but, you should have respect for other people's hard work and commitment.

It is actually not that hard to find information for your sites about jeannie. More importantly, setting it up with backgrounds and images that are created by the webmasters themselves. Trust me, it is not that hard to think of new ideas then draw them up.

One site that is getting attacked a lot is Now, I understand that he has a lot of great info and images, but come on! Imagine all the work and hours he has put into it. Anyone can come up with there own ideas with time and patience, so DO IT! He has shut down sites because of this and I completely understand. Changing the format does not meen it is a new idea. CRAZY!

I have complete respect for those people who want to make jeannie sites for the world to see. Obviously, because I am one of them. Just sit down, relax and think. There are hundreds of ways to make sites. Just think of how good it will feel when you know that you made the site yourself and didn't just copy someone else's.

One more thing. Look around. Read books. Join the Barbara Eden fan club. Call people and write letters. If you want the info bad enough, you will find it. Trust me, I know from experience. I have spent many hours and money to make my site descent. It is nothing compared to but, he has better resouces and I respect him for that. I will not steal from him and neither should you. THUMBS UP IDREAMOFJEANNIE.COM!!!!!!!!

Sorry about this everyone but it had to be said. So enjoy my site and all the jeannie sites out there. They are spectacular!!

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