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On September 18, 1965, at 8:00 p.m. on NBC, the adventure began.

	It all began when a astronaut named Captain Anthony Nelason (Larry Hagman), had to 

make a emergency landing on a deserted island in his space capsule somewhere in the Pacific

Ocean. On the island Capt. Nelson found a mysterious bottle. Suddenly, a genie (appropriately

named Jeannie), (Barbara Eden), popped out of the bottle. Jeannie agreed to give Capt. Nelson

his three wishes for letting her out of her bottle, which she had been trapped in for 2000 years.

But, Jeannie instantly fell in love with her rescuer, Capt. Nelson. So, Capt. Nelson brought

Jeannie to his home in Co Co Beach, Florida. This is where the crazy adventures begin. The

only person Capt. Nelson told about Jeannie was his best friend Major Roger Healy (Bill 

Daily). After that, it was a constant effort to keep Jeannie hidden, especially when Jeannie was

constantly getting the two into trouble, especially Capt. Nelson. Their major persuer was Dr.

Alfred Bellows (Hayden Rorke). Eventually to become Major Anthony Nelson, he and Major

Healy had to constantly explain the strange events that would always surround them to Dr.

Bellows. Now you know the just of it and can figure the rest out yourself.
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