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Some Other Jeannie Sites
I Dream Of Jeannie Online- This is the greatest site of all.
Jeannie.Net - Another groovy site.
Barbara Eden- A really good gallery.
Jeannieland- Check it out.
Euronet Jeannie- This site is awesome.
I Dream of Jeannie- Pretty funky, take a look.
Seriesland- Jeannie and some others are here.
Barbara Eden- Another great Barbara gallery.
Barbara Eden- Yet another good gallery.
Jeannie- Some really good pictures.
Barbara Eden- Look! More pictures.
Links To Some Fun Places
Laugh Out LoudThis is a great clean joke site.
Love & Life In PoetryA poetry site by two Ontario poets. Also some great pictures.
M & L Midi ParadiseThis site has a lot of new and old tunes.
Nightmare's PeakA paranormal links site with 100's of links.
Star Trek LinksThis is a Star Trek Links site.
Ultimate TV Themes PageNow this site has 100's of theme songs and mpg's.

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